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  • 10 Nov 2021
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“One man practicing sportsmanship is better than fifty preachin" In Colvin we play a lot of existing sports like Shooting, cricket, football, tennis, swimming, volleyball archery, basketball and many others.

We have our own cricket and tennis academy which is run by our most talented and experienced coaches. We have two swimming pools in our college. One is the larger pool for seniors and professionals and a smaller one too for the juniors within our huge campus. A basketball court two badminton courts and two lush green football fields are always inviting the sports aficionados to try out a match or two off and on.


The College hosts a grand  ‘Darbar Day’ inviting guests , Old Colvinians and parents to witness the track and field events along with colourful P.T displays by the students every year in December. This yearly inter-house  sport event is actually a week long affair where the old and young meet . The Past Vs Present matches are a treat to the eyes where old and young play friendly matches and exchange greetings, nostalgia and experiences of their school days.

Our college runs a Tennis as well as a Cricket Academy within the College premises.

Highly experienced coaches in both these academies hone the skills of the players in the best passible way.

Our very own well trained Taekwondo trainer helps students to get ready for the battle they have to fight in their lives. Students of our college have won a number of medals and certificates at the local, regional and national level in Taekwondo.

Two lush green football fields of the college are a pleasure to play in.

Our footballers have done us proud many a times.

The College has a state of the art indoor shooting range to train our boys in shooting.
Outsiders too are welcome to hone their shooting skills here in case they are interested in the sport.
Colvin College gives a lot of emphasis and value to co- curriular activities  apart from academic excellence . It is true that taking up a particular sport helps in both mental and physical growth of a child. It increases our physical stamina as well as mental alertness and gives a fillip to our academic excellence too for it is often said that a healthy mind resides in a heathy body

Anudrat Hada
Class X